We own a fantasy shop "De Groene Godin", which means "The Green Goddess" and we live above it. Our attic is converted into a comfortable guest room. The name Mentheae is chosen because this a sort name for many green herbs and plants, which in our opinion is a good fit to The Green Goddess.

This is where you want to go!

Just a two minutes walk from station Haarlem you´ll find the B&B above the store ¨De Groene Godin¨. 

Large bag of fries

We share a small porch with "Friethoes" (where they serve the best fries in all of Haarlem). Look for the large bag of fries on the wall and there you are. The door on the right hand side is ours.

Wim en Irmy


We used to share our house with Bubbels. A not very sociable cat lady. I don't mean she bites, just that she doesn't like to be petted. Sadly Bubbels passed away. We now have a sweet black cat named Gaia.

Enter the room

Next to the entrance on one side some (book) shelves, on the other side a snug sofa (which can also be used an extra bed).

(Book) shelf

A little corner filled with books, a music station, water kettle with coffee and tea, and also a folder with information on Haarlem.

Sofa bed

Not just a comfortable sofa, it can also be used as a spare bed. If need be, even as a double bed.


Opposite the sofa a TV, lots of channels, including Netflix and Prime.


It is possible to turn the TV so it faces the bed.


Between bed and TV is a window. Double glazed, so little to no noise.

Good night

A comfortable bed (140x200), with on the shelve above it a Hey-Google; it's fun to wish it "Good night"...

Next to the bed a wardrobe for your clothes.

Door to the bathroom

Of course this door has a curtain.


Sink, with in the drawer a hair dryer.


Nice shower, with soap and shampoo. A local product aptly named Marcel's Green Soap.


Of course there is a toilet in the bathroom too.